Rosemary Gattuso

Family Mediator
Regular Meditator
Chronic Overthinker

Transforming Adversity into Growth.

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​Navigate Life's Complexities


In It’s not you – it’s me, Rosemary Gattuso marries her observations as a mediator for the Family Court of Australia on how people manage adversity and hardship, with research on new findings in neurobiology and the childhood experience.


​Rosemary shares an approach to trauma informed living that ​empowers resilience and self-reflection among high school students, businesses, and mental health practitioners. These workshops are crafted to transform overthinking into a tool for personal growth and strength recognition.

Keynote Speaking

Rosemary inspires audiences with insights on mediation, resilience, and the power of personal reflection

​The Power of Self-Reflection


Media & Podcast Appearances



Stress Reduction for Children of Divorce & Separation

Discover transformative strategies for co-parenting through separation and divorce to ensure your children remember this time positively. Explore expert advice from family mediator Rosemary Gattuso on navigating one of life's most stressful events with a child-focused approach.

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